13 January 2022

42 years old this historic competition has been revamped to encompass a new and dynamic format, fully supported and endorsed by UK Hospitality and the Restaurant Association.

The competition finds the best young Chef and Waiter across the UK to encompass a top list of finalists which will include 10 chefs and 10 waiters who will compete for the prestigious award of becoming best Young Chef or Young Waiter in the UK.

The competition process involves an online application from both waiting professionals and Chefs. This is judged by leading figures from the hospitality industry such as chef judges Jason Atherton, Tom Kerridge, Ruth Hansom, and front of house judges Simon King, Johanna Wimmer and Andy Downton.

For 2022 the competition becomes global and the UK winners of both Chef and Waiter category will take part in the world final being held in Monaco, November 2022.

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Date: June 2022

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